Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Along The Way


why do i have to do this thing anyway? huhu.. i had never planned or even wanted to create a blog but here i am typing this.. hmm.. well..actually this is an assignment for my class and, madam linda, our lecturer asked the whole class to become bloggers. so, as i'm already doing this i might as well enjoy it and try to post as many blog as possible. ok, here i go...

this first blog is titled the along the way. our life is but a journey to the unknown and it is a one way ticket to our final destination. like riding the train we start at the first station to embark on the journey. like the train it only goes forward and not back..

along the way, we met other people around us. we meet, talk, become friends, become enemies, share our experiences and just hang out together. sometimes we become acquainted with the people in front or at the back but may not even notice those that sit beside us..

along the way, we walk to other coaches, meet new people, make new friends, found new things, fall in love, have new experiences and learn and grow with it all. sometimes these memories we cherish and sometimes we forget..

along the way, we could see the view through the window. sometimes the view is panoramic, sometimes it is unsightly. either way, we keep viewing, learning and experiencing the alien lands through the window. alas, some of us may sleep along the journey, oblivious to the surroundings, missing out on the panorama and the experience..

along the way, the train will stop at different stations. some will depart, many will enter. new people comes to our life as others leave for their own destinations. some we may never meet again while some promised to keep in touch. new people means new friends, new opportunity, new experience..

along the way, the train may stop again. new stations, new destinations. more often than not we may choose to get off, feeling adventurous, disembarking at stations along the route. some we may have heard off, some are completely unknown, foreign and unfamiliar. we explore these new lands, learning and experiencing. we meet more people and discover new things. we broaden our view of life and mature..

along the way, some found their destination. found what they have been searching all this time. fallen in love with the place, the people, the experience. we call this new place our home, our final destination. some couldn't find what they wanted, went back to the train. to continue their journey to the unknown hoping to find a place, a purpose, a destination in this journey on the train of life..

the end..

that went longer than expected that i didn't even know what i've been typing. well..i just hope that along the way we won't become lost or stop at the wrong destination. that's all for now and thanks for reading.

yesterday is today's memory, tomorrow is today's dream..


  1. I guess we have been in the same train since past five years and after diz we might take another train.
    No matter where we will head on the next train, we only have one destination....God.

    No matter what train u take after diz,hope to be ur frenz 4 eve.